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Our origins

StaffNow was born thanks to the joint effort of Lufthansa Technik and edataconsulting. Being Lufthansa Technik one of the leaders MRO companies in the world and edataconsulting an IT services company being connected to the aviation industry for more than 20 years.

Our vision of StaffNow is to improve and facilitate the access to highly qualified Contractors to all MRO providers in a timely manner to cover the specific needs of their work and the seasonal peaks inherent to the industry.

After successfully testing the idea between the two companies, edataconsulting takes full control of the platform to open it to all MROs and continue working on new functionality.

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StaffNow Mission

Our mission is to provide MROs with a highly qualified pool of Contractors to access to when there is the need for them and to provide equal opportunities access to high quality jobs to our pool of Contractors.

The pillars to support our mission are:
Pre-checked Contractors profiles

We check all our Contractors qualifications and authorizations to guarantee the quality of the service.


All the details about the assignment and the Contractors are shared between the parties who need to know them, so decisions are taken based on known information.


In a time-critical business as aviation, the information needs to flow without effort and instantly. Technology is our ally to make it happen.


StaffNow is the first specialized online platform in the field of aircraft maintenance specifically designed for freelance technicians on one hand and repair organizations on the other. It offers a direct connection, automated recruitment processes and faster onboarding.
StaffNow offers three types of profiles – for contractors, for maintenance organizations and for contracting agencies. Contractors can apply to open job positions, or can also receive private job offers. Upon acceptance of a job position, contractors choose a contracting agency that will represent them. Then the application is reviewed by Quality and Production departments. Once they also accept, the contractor is contacted by the agency to arrange the travel and the start of work.
StaffNow is free-of-charge for all contractors. There are no costs associated with registration, profile updates or application to open positions. You as a contractor will not be charged either during registration, job application or subsequently after you start your assignment.
Currently, StaffNOW is available in all countries within the European Union, as well as UK and USA. New markets are soon coming.
StaffNow is an online market place where contractors and aircraft maintenance organizations meet directly. It does not offer any recruitment services or visa/work permit issuance. You need to observe and comply with the local work permit/labor regulations applicable in the country of location of the specific maintenance organization.
The standard registration process is for contractors only. Agencies and MROs should send their request for registration to: A StaffNow team member will get in touch afterwards to discuss their needs and registration options.

Do you need to know more information about how StaffNow works?

Contact our Customer Service and we will gladly answer your doubts.

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